Generate Submission Doc and Rmarkdown script

The first step in your submission process is to generate the survey questions and analysis needed to continue your submission process.

The interface contains 3 parts:

When you've completed the form, you'll be taken to a page with download links for the survey content document and R markdown scripts. Those documents will be needed for the next step in your submission.

Researcher Information

Survey Name:
Name (Principle Investigator):
Email (Principle Investigator):
Sample Size:


Here you edit up to 10 items that you can submit for your proposal. We accept: standard multiple choice questions, likert scales, numeric ranges, and open-ended questions.

If there is anything specific or important you'd like to add for a certain question, please use the comment box below each question.


After your questions are complete, hit the Edit Analysis button to open the analysis editor.

Note! The analysis builder will generate an R script with valid R syntax, but it does not check to ensure the analysis is statistically appropriate. Be sure to double check that your analyses are appropriate for the predictor and outcome variables you select.


In this section, you can use the user interface below to add analyses to the Rmarkdown script needed for your submission. The analysis editor can build:

If those don't suite your needs, you can add your own analyses after.

Note: The variable names are based on the question labels you provided in the previous section. It also contains variables from the Common Content data that you can include in your analysis. If you'd like to learn more about the Common Content variables, you can see their descriptions at this link.

Warning: you can go back and edit your questions, but it will delete whatever analyses you've made thus far (and you'll have to start over).